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Enviro Cover System by EPI Environmental Products Inc.

Economic and Performance Benefits

As a nonreusable geosynthetic film, Enviro™ Cover creates an impermeable barrier with excellent performance qualities      that does not require removal before landfill operations begin again the next day.  It continually prevents rainwater infiltration      to minimize moisture within the landfill, decreasing leachate generation beyond the daily and extended cover period      requirements. This allows more control over leachate management, including less cost associated with leachate treatment.

Enviro™ Cover’s impermeable barrier continuously prevents the escape of odors and gaseous emissions, while also      minimizing the risk of fire by preventing air infiltration into the landfill at the surface and improving odor control.

Enviro™ Cover occupies practically zero “air space” which equals substantial savings in landfill capacity, extending the life      of the landfill and permitting additional revenues associated with these space savings.

The Enviro™ Cover System saves operating costs of importing, storage, moving, spreading, compacting and recovery of      soils or inert materials. Its application and performance is not effected by adverse climatic conditions as with other cover      materials, making their use more difficult and time consuming.

The Enviro™ Cover System increases equipment and manpower efficiency with the rapid coverage process, reducing      landfill equipment capital cost, manpower time and related expenses.

The Enviro™ Cover System simplifies and expedites the daily covering operation - no post application requirements for      applicator equipment are needed, nor is retrieval or removal of the cover required before the start of the next day’s      operations.

Enviro™ Cover is a nonreusable geosynthetic film which provides continuous and effective environmental control as a      barrier on the surface, yet will not impede leachate and biogas movement or collection as it is destroyed by subsequent      tipping of waste and mechanical stress within the landfill.

Enviro™ Cover effectively controls and prevents disease vectors, fires, odors, blowing litter and scavenging from both an      environmental and performance perspective.

Enviro™ Cover provides an aesthetically pleasing barrier of protection between landfill waste and the surrounding      environment.

Enviro™ Cover can be deployed in all climatic conditions including heavy rain, snow, winds and freezing temperatures.

Enviro™ Cover Deployers are either self-propelled or will easily attach to the blade or bucket of a landfill’s prime mover.

Summary of Operational Features and Considerations:

Disease Vector Control - Completely covers waste with ballast compression sealed panels, denying access to insects, birds, vermin and other animals.

Fire Control - While the film is combustible it is not flammable. Panels provide an impermeable barrier that effectively limits the transfer of atmospheric oxygen to the working face.

Blowing Litter Control - Panels completely cover the contained waste, preventing blowing litter.

Odor and Air Emission Control - The impermeable nature of the film effectively trap odors and all other air or gaseous emissions.

Dust Control - Materials prone to dusting are contained by the panels.

Water Infiltration Control - Panels effectively shed rainwater away from the working face. Moisture infiltration is reduced or eliminated by the ballasted compression seal of the film overlaps and impermeability of the film.

Leachate and Gas Migration Interference Control - The Enviro™ Cover film is mechanically destroyed by subsequent placement of waste and by stress conditions within the landfill. It will not impede movement of leachate and gas.

Post Application Requirements - There are no post application requirements, Enviro™ Cover does not need to be removed before a new layer of waste is placed.

Application in Different Climates - Enviro™ Cover can be applied in adverse climatic conditions such as heavy rain, wind, snow and freezing temperatures.

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