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Enviro Cover System by EPI Environmental Products Inc.

The Method of Application

The patented and patent pending Enviro™ Cover Deployers are first loaded by landfill ancillary equipment with a roll of Enviro™ Cover film and onsite ballast material, then positioned on the working face of the cover area to begin deployment of an Enviro™ Cover panel.

During the application process, Enviro™ Cover is unrolled from the Deployer while ballast material is simultaneously discharged at controlled rates to securely anchor the Enviro™ Cover onto the working face.

On successive adjacent panel runs, an overlap is created and with the weight of the ballast deposited on top, a compression type seal is formed creating a continuous closure and impermeable barrier between the waste and the environment.

This procedure is followed until the working face is completely covered.

Landfill Alternative Daily Cover Applicator

Alternative Daily Cover Method of Application