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Enviro Cover System by EPI Environmental Products Inc.

Landfill Mechanics

Enviro™ Cover is used as an alternative to earthen cover material to comply with the US Environmental Protection Agency requirement to cover the landfill at the end of each work day. It does not require removal and provides continuous coverage before the next layer of waste is placed.

Enviro™ Cover meets this US EPA requirement to control disease vectors, odors, fires, blowing litter and scavenging without presenting a threat to human health or the environment.

Enviro™ Cover is engineered with good tear strength, puncture resistance and elongation characteristics for stretching over uneven working face surfaces. Enviro™ Cover is mechanically destroyed by subsequent placement of waste and by stress conditions within the landfill, therefore not impeding biogas and leachate collection.

Enviro Cover Alternative Daily Landfill Cover